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The Best Social Change Mentoring Services For College Students

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 27, 2016 12:59:59 AM / by Erica McLaughlin

Erica McLaughlin

Why WeRyse Provides The Best Social Change Mentoring Services for College Students


The Best Social Change Mentoring Services for College Students


Having just gone through the process of spreading awareness and working toward social change I know the stress and rewards associated with it. Being at the forefront of change is not easy. It requires determination and passion. I found that having a supportsystem was essential to my movements success.  If you know that working with a mentor is the best choice for you and your social movement check outthis list of services I can provide with WeRyse, to help take your movement to the next level.

Write Funding Proposals/ Launching Funding Campaigns

Whether its writing an effective GoFund Me page or writing a formal funding proposal to be presented to your college/university budget allocations office, I have experience in both and am happy to help. Ensuring your funding proposal is easy to follow, concise and tells your story is really important. Also, it is critical to get the proposal in front of the right people at the right time. 

Advice with Press/Speaking with School Administration Prep

Speaking with figure heads and the press can be extremely intimating. I know, because only a few short months ago I did it. The goal is to have your voice heard and your movement understood and shared. However, these conversations with press and administrators can be flustering. I will help you map out goals and talking points, that you can always revert back to when feeling lost or like the conversation is out of your control. Developing proper strategy will ensure you have control over the conversation.

Organization & Support

More generally I will help you organize your movement and community into action. I understand how busy college students are. Students are juggling a lot between extra curricular activities and classes, so I am here to take some of the burden off of your hands. If you need help drafting an e-mail to be sent to the community or reserving a space to hold a forum or rally etc., I can be of service. Not only can I help with smaller details in order to free up your time to focus on the movement and your classes I will be your support system. Anytime you are struggling and need someone to listen, I will be there. If you overwhelmed or excited about new momentum, I will be there. I also provide guidance in these moments so you can keep pushing forward. It is my job to support you. I will always have you and your movement’s best interest at heart. 
Let your voice be heard. Speak out, because you have the ability to be the change you want to see in the world. I believe in you, and I would love to help you. Together we make a difference. 
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Erica McLaughlin

Written by Erica McLaughlin

I am passionate about helping voices join together to promote social change. I've been on the forefront of social change so I know the tips and tricks to get there.

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