Our Inspiration to be Mentors for Change

Founded by a recent college graduate that was actively involved in social movements, our founder wanted to provide other motivated students a resource and guidance tool she wishes she had while working toward change on her campus. Working towards social change in an effective manner can be challenging especially in an rapidly changing world.  New technologies provide voice to many more than ever before, opening the conversation on both sides. While more people can share their opinions, the struggle has become turning words on the internet into action.  Also, new technologies have provided avenues for anonymity and vile comments to be shared and spread easily with no reprecussions. How do we actively combat this? How can we make real change and motivate people out of the screens and into action?  How can we make a hashtag into a happening?



Mentors for Change

Erica McLaughlin


My name is Erica and I just graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges. While attending college, I studied sociology and was actively involved in many facets of my campus community. My last semester of college my A Cappella group, Three Miles Lost, navigated our way to the forefornt of Sexual Assault Awareness on college campuses. We were all passionate about making a change, and so we turned our conversation into action by creating a music video, which then went viral. We used this music video as a tool to unite our community. It worked. I'm passionate about social change and helping voices to have an impact on their community.