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How A Mentor's Support Can Take My Movement to the Next Level

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 24, 2016 9:23:34 PM / by Erica McLaughlin

Erica McLaughlin

How a Mentor For Change's Support Is Effective 

How a Mentor's Support can take my movement to the next level

Social change and taking a stance can be both rewarding and terrifying. When taking a stance, those at the forefront of the movement care deeply about it and feel they are under a great deal of pressure to do the movement justice. Also taking a stance can be extremely polarizing, especially in the world of modern technology which amplifies all voices and opinions. This technology is a double edge sword, because while it invites greater perspective to the discussion it also allows more people to make harmful comments without repercussion. Many find that working with a mentor can be a huge asset and key to their success in implementing a social movement on their campus and beyond.
Almost everyone who has made a major impact has had a strong support system or mentor. If you find yourself asking how a mentor's support can take my movement to the next level then check out this clip of Maya Angelou’s— an amazingly influential poet who has impacted many lives— reflection on her success because of a mentor and what it means to be a mentor.
A mentor for change will be your support system. They will always be at your side offering guidance and actively listening to your concerns and goals. A mentor can help you overcome the difficulties you may be facing, and provide advice on how to move forward in the face of momentum or set backs. It can be critically important to seek advice and guidance in order to push yourself to the best you can possibly be. However, keep in mind you have a critically important role as a mentee and you must be willing to learn from your mentor and willing to put their guidance into action.
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Erica McLaughlin

Written by Erica McLaughlin

I am passionate about helping voices join together to promote social change. I've been on the forefront of social change so I know the tips and tricks to get there.

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