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5 Effective Ways College Students are Speaking Out for Social Change

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 18, 2016 1:12:41 AM / by Erica McLaughlin

Erica McLaughlin

5 Effective Ways College Students Are Speaking Out for Social Change

5 Effective Ways Students Are Speaking Out for Social Change

Speaking Out for Social Change

The sad reality is that inequalities and injustices continue to saturate our society. It is nearly impossible to turn on the TV or log onto social media without seeing a new story about racial inequalities, sexual assault, harassment, abuse and much more. While living in a world like this can be very discouraging, the motivated people that speak out for social change give me hope for a better world.

College and University students at the forefront of change provide me with the greatest sense of hope. They are the future of this nation and they are calling for action to eradicate these inequalities and injustices. 2016 is an extremely important year for these student activists to take action, because of our current Presidential election. Social issues are on the forefront of this election and as a result, many more people’s minds. Here is a list of 5 effective ways college students are speaking out for social change this election year.

1:Joining Clubs and Organizations

First and foremost, students are banding together and organizing to speak out about these issues. Not only are they coming together to discuss change but they create coalitions and organizations that seek to inform their community of these inequalities and injustices. They create a safe space for students and faculty to learn more about these issues and discuss them among peers.

2: Social Media

Students have taken social media by storm. Using social media as a platform to organize others, and inform the masses. They have started trending hashtags and created viral content that has made an impact on large audiences. The power of social media is its ability to reach so many.

3: Protests

When students notice a lack of action in their community, they don’t remain silent…they call their campus into action. Peace Protests are often a strong tool, that turns trending hashtags into happenings. By physically coming together to stand in solidarity against social issues, a strong message is sent to the wider community. Seeing the number of faces involved can be a very powerful tool.

4: Forums

Some student clubs and organizations choose to hold open forums. These allow community members to come together to discuss issues and the movement. Students and faculty can have open discussions and share their hopes and concerns. This is informative and beckons the greater community to join the conversation. It invites all voices. This can be very powerful and inspire the next steps of the movement.

5: Art 

Some students find poetry or spoken word to be an empowering medium to express their opinions and stories. Other students may turn to music, visual art, or theater to express their views and opinions. They create powerful art, that can be shared at poetry readings, artshows and open mic nights. Many students are able to share personal stories this way with a wide audience and raise further awareness. For many students arts can be therapeutic for them as well as informative for others. 


Students are engaging a wide range of outlets in order to promote social change. Each is powerful and informative. Students activists should always be striving to learn more. Knowledge is in fact power.Use your voice. It matters.


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Erica McLaughlin

Written by Erica McLaughlin

I am passionate about helping voices join together to promote social change. I've been on the forefront of social change so I know the tips and tricks to get there.

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